Who is qualified to dictate morality?

I think it is no news that in our world morality is subjective. How people perceive what is good or bad is relative to them and how they feel. What is good for some people is bad for some others. A simple example is that even within our Christian community we see arguments regarding dress codes. How long or short should a skirt or short be? And if you ask Muslims, they would tell you to cover everywhere, some would even wear gloves to cover their hands and socks to cover their legs, and even cover their faces. And this lack of a moral code gets more dangerous.

They tell us that we are all animals. Higher animals. The mantra is do as you please which is the same law that rules the jungle where survival of the fittest reigns supreme. So should we live like that? Let’s take dogs for an example. Who dares to say that the wild dog that kills other animals for food and survival is bad while the pet dogs at home are good? Who dares to make such a statement? We can tell that though both are dogs, their breed and circumstances of life have shaped each one to determine how they act and we can apply that as well to humans who are higher animals right? So how dare you say the wild humans who behave like the wild dog to steal, fight, hunt and kill are bad humans while the humans that act like pets are good? On what moral compass do you judge the wild human and send them to prison? Remember that they are a product of their circumstances, I dare say even science says some are naturally psychopaths, sociopaths and more and since it is their innate nature and they are doing as they please so again I ask “how dare anyone send them to prison?”

Some would say “We look to the laws to guide our morality and make the society sane”, but which law? The law in every country and even states within those countries are all different. So is morality based on location? For example in some countries the same sex can legally get married while it is illegal in some countres. In some countries abortion is legal. If people cannot agree on the fundamentals of human life, to agree on when life begins, and unite in saying that abortion is bad, abortion which means ending the life of an innocent child in the womb which is in the safest place he/she should be, then what can we agree on? Somebody just screamed “It is a fetus in the womb, not a child”, well if you must know ‘fetus” is Latin for “Offspring” so I wonder why we are speaking Latin. Also remember that Slavery was once legal, so can we really trust the law or our location based legal system to determine morality? I think NOT.

In that case, if morality is subjective, and the laws cannot be trusted, then who is qualified to dictate morality? The honest answer is NO ONE, except THE ONE who created the whole world and everything in it. He alone is qualified to dictate what is good and bad in the world that He created. Removing God from the equation means everything is permissible and I am certain that no sane person would want to live in a world that operates like the jungle in the “survival of the fittest style”

Let me paint a picture of that “survival of the fittest” life. Like lions fight each other to determine who takes over a territory, so anyone can have the right to fight you to take over your home, so you better be ready to defend your home with your guns all types of ammunitions. Thinking of that, this looks like some parts of the world today where the people cannot afford to wait of the police to protect them so they have to get their license to carry weapons to defend themselves ”survival of the fittest” and they have one of the highest rates of gun violence in the world. That gives us a litle glimpse of what the world would look like with this jungle way of life but it only gets worse because imagine if we indeed remove the law court and prison system because there is no basis for right or wrong, would you love to live in such a world?

People fail to wrap their heads around what it really means to live in a world without God. Today, we see a situation where they take parts and pieces of God’s moral code and throw away the ones they find inconvenient. Yet it is even the little part that they take that still makes this world a little bit sane. It is time we wake up to the reality that it believing in God is not just blind faith but also logical reasoning. The world exists because there was and still is a creator and the world can only thrive when we follow the manual of the creator by obeying His laws and moral code.

There is no basis for morality without God. We can’t continue to pick bits and pieces of what we like and find convenient about God’s laws. It’s all or nothing. God is the creator and sustainer of this world and without His laws, the world would only decay and destroy in no time.


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