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About Universal Scroll

Imagine if the apostles of old were in our era, and had access to our advanced technology.

  • How far would the gospel have spread?
  • How large will the Bible be?

It is our duty to leave our comfort zone of just receiving, but move forward into impacting others. We need to move from being disciples to discipling others. Therefore, Universal scroll is the place to build yourself in the way of the Lord, grow deeper in your knowledge of God, become more and more spiritually mature, and step out in the leading of the Lord to fulfil the purpose for which He create you.

What You will Find
  • Pure Bible based teachings, with no human influenced doctrine. The Bible is our sole standard.
  • A  united universal Christian family that is not bound by any denomination, doctrine, race, tribe, geographical location etc.
  • Promotion of the Kingdom of God through the word, music, books, dance, drama, all avenues according to the leading of the Lord.
  • Kingdom impact to the world through diverse outreach programmes.

About the Founder

Oluwatoyosi  Akeju founded Universal Scroll in August 28, 2017. She is passionate about spreading the gospel of Jesus to the whole world and establishing God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

She is the founder of Yosi Kingdom, the parent company of Universal Scroll, which has also birthed several organisations such as Criada Multiservices, StellarBiz, My Wonderland Palace and Lion World the children arm of Universal Scroll.

She worships and serves in the E-church department of This Present House Church.

She is blessed to be the daughter of Reverend and Reverend (Mrs) Akeju, who are the District Overseers of Foursquare Gospel Church Ajah.