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In this journey of life, there are certain things we know are within our control and capabilities to handle, and so even when we pray to God about them, we sort of have already calculated how we would be sorting it out with our God given strength. However, there are those times when life throws us peculiar challenges that we can’t seem to fathom how they will get resolved, as we can’t see a clue as to where the solution would come from. This is when God steps in, as the King of Kings that He is, breaking through the natural to do the supernatural in order to move the pieces of life in our favour. However, a key component for this to happen lies with us and that is “our faith”.

To trust God for the impossible, our faith  muscles need to be built up, and this kicks off by first understanding the sovereignty of God. We need to understand that He is greater than everything that makes up this world, and that includes the earth, planets, and the whole universe. Just as a developer who developed a video game can code anything into existence in the game world, God can code the supernatural into our natural world for our favour.

The moment we can understand how great and powerful God is, we must then discover His will, and that comes by digging deep into the Scriptures. We must dig deep to know all of God’s will over every aspect of our lives such as our identity, purpose, family, relationships, work, business and so much more. When we know God’s will, we can begin declaring it boldly into existence through faith, because like our heavenly father, we’ve got the gift to create life and death with our words, so we better start speaking life. We must know that praying isn’t wishful thinking, neither is it a magic wand that we use to get anything and everything we want, rather we must realise that when we pray, we must do so in alignment with God’s will otherwise we will be praying amiss.

Therefore, now that we have armed ourselves with understanding the sovereignty of God and His will according to the scriptures, should any difficult challenge come our way and we need a supernatural intervention, we can easily steer up our faith in God, cut off fear, and resist the devil. We can then boldly and confidently boast that our God is more than capable to sort out all things in accordance with His will.

In having faith, we must also build our total trust and dependence on God. Sometimes we pray for something that we know for certain is in accordance with God’s will, yet we can’t seem to understand why it hasn’t come to pass. In such a situation, we must learn to wait for God’s perfect timing. He knows what we need and He will fulfil them at the appointed time. Although the waiting period isn’t easy, we trust God’s word which reassures us that all things work together for good to those who love Him, and that His thoughts toward us, are thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give us an expected end. When we hold on to His word, we draw strength to wait and we receive divine joy even in the season of waiting, because we know that everything is in our father’s hands.

Finally, we’ve got to mature spiritually to speak like Shadrach Menshach and Abednego, who trusted God to save them from death, but still said that even if He permits it, they will still continue to serve Him and wouldn’t bow down to any other god. They had understood that no matter how long a human’s lifespan can be, it is nothing compared to eternity. So we know that our heavenly father is capable of raising the dead back to life whether now or at the resurrection to let His children live forever with Him for eternity.

So when next the devil raises his ugly head by doing his same old trick which is to steal, kill, and destroy, we will not panic, but we will hand over our burdens to the Lord and He will fight for us, and He will orchestrate everything in our favour according to His will. So even if it doesn’t make sense, even if it seems impossible, we will keep our focus on God in total trust.

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