Why God Separates Us For A Season
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Why God Separates Us For A Season

The common routine at the end of the year is to reflect on the year, the wins and loses, and then plan for the new year, and once the clock hits “New Year”, everyone is rushing to begin executing their plans and fulfilling their new year resolutions. While this has its benefits, one crucial things is missing. As Christians, the most important factor in our lives is God. He is the alpha and omega of everything we think, speak and do. So the question is, where was God in all of these plans and strategies? We often do our will, set our own ways, and then ask God to put a stamp on what we want to do, instead of actually seeking His will and aligning with His perfect plans and purpose which will ultimately give us the most fulfilment. This is why God seeks to set us apart for a season, to set us apart so He can truly connect with us and we must understand why we need to present ourselves available to retreat to the quiet secret place, in order to spend some quality time with God.

Firstly, we can see that this has been God’s pattern over many centuries as we scan through the Bible. We see how God wanted to establish His covenant with Abraham and asked him to leave his father’s household and relatives and go to an unknown land. Abraham partially obeyed this instruction by taking along one of his relatives named Lot. It was only after Abraham and Lot had parted ways that God spoke to Abraham again and then establish His covenant with him. Even in the life of Moses, as soon as he realised his identity as an Israelite, he wanted to handle things with his human logic and it failed woefully which led to him fleeing from everything he knew and had and into the unknown. It was after that separation that he was able to meet with God, and that divine encounter led to him into realising his purpose and begin walking with God. David too was set apart as he tended to his father’s flock, and when it was time to step into his assignment he was beckoned.

One can easily get swarmed and saturated in the activities of the world that it prevents us from hearing the voice of God. Sometimes as believers our prayers can be likened to barging into a court room, saying what you want to say and walking out without even hearing the verdict of the Judge. Prayer is a communication with God and it should be two ways. You talk to God and He talks back to you, but we often forget to wait for the later part because we are in a hurry. We pray as we take a shower and dress up, just declaring God’s word. We pray just before every meal. We pray when we face something challenging. We pray when we need something. We pray when we are afraid. These are all good times to pray, but that shouldn’t be all. Spending time with God should go deeper than just seeking things and short words. Think of it as a relationship, communication is very vital.

We cannot run the journey of life on our own terms but on God’s terms. When we wait on God the first thing we experience is a deeper relationship with God. Our spiritual antennae become sharpened to receive God’s messages. As we spend time in studying His word, we begin to discover God better and grow spiritually, and it is in this separation that we enter deeper spiritual waters, where God opens our eyes, pours out His gifts unto us, gives us dreams and vision and reveals what He is doing in the world to us and also inform us of what is to come. This is the wisdom that passes all human understanding.

When we separate ourselves for a season, we become better morphed into the image of Christ. We begin to reflect the brightness of the glory of God just as Moses did when his face was shinning brightly because he had spent a lot of time in the presence of God. Our character becomes more Christlike because God has pruned us and made us aware of our sinful practices and habits and thus has given us the spiritual strength to drop them. Our values and principles then become clearer and we have a strong conviction for what we believe and why we do whatever we do. We become aware of our identity in God as kings and priests unto Him.

When we separate ourselves for a season, God will reveal our purpose to us per time and per season. He will drop ideas into our hearts for us to run with, and as we spend time communicating with Him, He will begin to unfold the strategies we need to execute whatever He has told us to do and He will direct us in the right way to go. When we wait on God, we become fulfilled as we walk in alignment to His will.

Separation has its reward. It is where we build the capacity to take on the great things God has in store for us, and when it is time to step out into the the limelight, we begin moving quickly from greatness unto greater greatness, from glory unto greater glory, from favour unto greater favour. We stand before kings and not mere men. This is the manifestation of the sons of God that the world is expecting. The Bible lets us know that when we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, every other thing will be added unto us.

In our journey through life we must never disconnect from God, our source. it is from Him we draw our strength and everything. Separation is not a one time event. We must ensure to periodically have personal retreats to get spiritually recharged to step into greater things. So in all you do, run with God.

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