myths about pastors
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myths about pastors

Pastors are often seen as next to God after Jesus. People might not necessarily believe so, but based on how they act towards their pastors, it shows that they have in one way or another idolised their pastors and placed them in higher spiritual hierachy than themselves and this goes against what the Bible teaches.

The Bible was clear about the need for equality in the church where noone can say they are more important that another part. All the different gifts and offices of asiignment were of equal status to give room for each person to play his or her parts for the good of the Kingdom of God.

However it seems that many people are still practising Christianity as if they are in the dispensation of the Law rather than Grace. When Jesus died on the cross the veil in the temple was torn in two to signify that we now have direct acess to God and so we need not go through anyone to communicate with God or know what God is saying, as the Holy Spirit is available for us to teach us all things as God speaks to us directly. We do not need to ask any pastor, reverend father, or Mary to talk to God on our behalf and tell us what God is saying. Yet, people still hold on to their already established myths about pastors and christian leaders in general and i’ll like to burst those myths today.

So here are the myths:

“Pastor” is a title

Why do we even make “Pastor” become an honorific? When did this even begin? God has giving people the gift of pastoring and all those who execute this gift are called Pastors. Now this is more of a way of classifying what they do, and not to be used as a title. Once we begin using the word “Pasto” as a title, we immediately begin to place a false sense of hierachy in the church, the body of Christ. It brings about an assumption that the Pastors or Prophets have a higher level of spirituality and have a deeper walk with God and this is far from the truth. The point is, if we are to add titles to pastors, then we must do the same for all gift. Someone with the gift of discernment should be called Discerners, and those with the gift of healing and miracles should be called Healers & Miracle Workers, and i;m sure that you can already see the mockery of the whole thing, so best call would be to toss the titles out the door and let the execution of the gift speak for itself and bring glory to God alone.

Pastors are mature Christian

This myth is the default assumption. Every Christian expects a high level of accountability from their pastors and this is largely due to the false sense of hierachy attached to the gift, but the truth is that a pastor could a baby Christian still sucking the milk of the word or at the meat stage or bone cracking stage. The moment you become born again and as son as you get baptised by the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit could deposit any gift in you and it could as well be the gift of pastoring. So from the very first day you give your life to Christ, you can become a pastor. The sad truth is that, when such Christians are exhibiting their gift, the church leaders are usually too quick to place them in positions of leadership within the church or even ask them to head a new church, so while they are on such lime light, their flaws and rising and falling becomes very visible to all, and its no wonder that with time they fall and many young Christians are left shattered, broken and feeling betrayed.

“Pastor” is an office of leadership

The bible clearly shows us that the only two offices of leadership in the church should be that of the “Overseer” or “Deacon” and one of the major criterias for these roles was that it should only be occupied by those who are not recent Christians, that means Christians who are mature in the bone cracking level, and their Chracter must have been seen and tested to be of high standard in being Christ-like, and these roles are not reserved for only pastors but for all mature Christians regardless of the gift they exhibit.. So why are pastors being giving offices of leadership in the church? Why are they being paid slaries. The era of the Levi’s have long gone as we are all a royal priesthood, so stop the laziness and get to work to earn a living for yourself while still pastoring the flock as your gift. There is nothing that stops a Medical Doctor from also being Pastors and doing this work efficiently. So this slaary based, Levi themed payment of all pastors should stop. Only Overseers and Deacons should be paid, because of their special added roles as overseers and managers of the church.

Pastors are more spiritual that other Christians

This again is an unsaid but very much believed myth. The fact that you now know that a pastor could actually be a baby Christian, should tell you alreeady that they are on the same growth journey as everybody else and so since the Bible tells us that we are all equal members of the body of Christ, we can know for certain that no one is more spiritual than you, you only need to work on building better intimacy with God and letting Him lead you as He pleases. Many people believe that the Pastor’s prayer will be answered faster than theirs and if they desire a miracle, their own prayers would not be enough, they would need the pastor to lay hands on them and specially pray for them. Do you actually believe that you can pray to God to reveal if someone is your husband or wife without haing to go meet the pastor to confirm if Bro XYZ or Sis ABC is your God given spouse. Now I know that one will chase a thousand and two will chase ten thousand, but the the point is, if you need discernment regarding a particular issue, you are better off praying with someone with the gift of discernment than praying with your pastor who doesn’t have the gift.The question now is how would you know who has what gift? this brings me to the flawed order of service in the church that only makes the pastor shine and doesn’t give room for the whole body of Christ to shine, but that is a discussion for another post.

Are there other myths about pastors that you know, kindly let us know in the comment section, and you can slide to the video message page where I did a video that talks about this properly. See you there!

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