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Spotting a false prophet should really come easy for you as a Christian if you indeed spend time with the word of God and know what the scripture says. So to make it a lot clearer, here are a few tips to enable you easily spot a false preacher:

False Teaching

Their messages contradict what is in the scriptures. When you sieve through their messages there would be barely any truth left, or the little truth there would be clouded by lies. Remember that the devil also knows the scriptures but he twists the words to convey whatever meaning he likes to convey. It all comes to the aged old temptation of the eve by the devil with the words “Did God really say?” So even for a crystal clear message in the scripture, they will find a way to give a perverse meaning to suit their agenda. A good example is an instruction by Jesus himself that Christians who got married and are now divorced should remain unmarried as long as the spouse is still alive, yet there are many preaching that tells people that they can actually remarry since God could not have ordained the first marriage because it was abusive, or the person was a sinner or the recent one I’ve heard is because God didn’t tell you explicitly that the person was your spouse. Ridiculous.

Honour and Fears Goes to Them instead of God

These preachers get their members to reverence them and fear them such that it is almost like a cult, where the people must obey anything these preachers say. The people are so afraid to talk to the preacher, and cannot bare to see get the disapproval of their preacher or pastor on anything they say or do. Everything has to go exactly how the preacher wants and the attention is on respecting, honouring and fearing the preacher as opposed to God.

They love money

These preachers are money focuse. The main purpose for seeking the growth in the number of members they have is really beacuase of their desire for more money. They often set up theur churches in strategic locations to attract the wealthy. Their mesaages are to soothe the itching ears of their members instead of convey God’s messsage. They will only convey God as a Gd of love and forget to convey the part that God is also a Righteous Judge. They set up all kinds of programmes and bring up all kind s of projects to extort money from their naive members. They cannot give a truthful account of how they spent the money that enters the church because they have spent on their lavish lifestyles such as buying multiple private jets while their members are suffering. Compared to the money they receive they do not anything tangible and sustainable in line with helping the poor and needy.

Bad Character

These preachers have very ungodly character flaws that really should not be heared amongst Christians, especially Christians leaders which they present themselves to being. They do not have control of their tongue or actions as they insult people at will, rain down curses on people, hit people, steal or even commit sexual sins repeatedly without any remorse and willingness and decisive action to change.

Do you now any other ways to spot a false preacher, tell us in the comments section.

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