Character as a Christian
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Character as a Christian

God has called us to be the light of the world and the salt of the earth. From these two symbols, we can look at ourselves as instruments in bringing clarity, freshness, and sweetness to the world. The way to go about it has been clearly given to us in the fruits of the spirit, which is for us to operate in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control.

God has given us theses fruits freely, but our duty is to eat of them frequently so that we can be well-nourished and grow. So to eat of this fruits means to practice these characters as often as possible, We’ve got to train ourselves. You do not wake up one day, and immediately decide to be jogging for 12 miles daily. Instead, you first start with a conscious decision to jog for half a mile and then gradually increase it until you hit your goal.

I remember when I was learning to speak Spanish. It wasn’t easy. I had to push through to decide to watch movies in Spanish, listen to songs in Spanish, write my diary and daily schedule in Spanish and try to identify the objects in my surroundings in Spanish and communicate and think in Spanish, to the point that it became part of me. I am still trying to attain fluency, but due to consistency conversing in Spanish has become easy and almost default.

Therefore, to change your character takes a conscious effort to practise the new character you want and be persistent in it until it becomes part of you, to a point where you don’t have to think too hard to act in a certain way because your subconscious (your inner man) already know, this is the right way to act. Think of how you drive or walk home daily, Even when you move your address, you might just walk/drive to your old address because your mind already registers the old route as your way home.

So the challenge is for you to pick a fruit of the spirit and practise it daily or monthly until it becomes a part of you, where showing love and kindness comes easily to you.

Can God vouch for you? Can people vouch for you? Can you be singled out as someone who would always do right? When pandemic happens like this COVID-19, we ask God to single us out of the crowd so we can be counted worthy to escape the plague, but why should he? when you have not singled out yourself to shine as a light. Don’t miss understand, God is merciful, to save his children from whatever, but remember that the world is coming to an end where there needs to be a clear demarcation of the light from the darkness. The lord will be sending his angles to mark his saints. Will you be identified by the light of God that you shine so brightly? or will your lamb be dim like the virgins whose light ran out?

Stand for God, stand out, and be worthy of the Lord’s mark by his mercy, in the days to come.

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