2020, our year of Double Winnings
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2020, our year of Double Winnings

Yes, you read that right. 2020 is our year of double winnings. I was pouring my innermost thoughts to God, reflecting on the year 2019, and how God brought me through it. The first day of 2019 came with bad news and I legit broke down in tears. By the second day of the year, I had received direction on the next steps t take and I moved immediately. By January 4, 2019, God ministered another assignment to me, and that birthed the children arm of Universal Scroll called Lion World. Well God wasn’t done with me yet. Throughout the year, God led me to birth several things and at the end of the year, I am writing this feeling so fulfilled. It isn’t as a result of the money in my bank account, but simply about following in the directions of God and laying the foundations that he had directed me to lay.

So as I sat pondering on the year that I had, I began to ask God “what’s next?”. I reminded God of my desires his promise to meet them. For me, prayer is more like a discussion not just mouthing words so I resting in the company of my father. In the midst of this, all came the word “Double Winnings”. Winning in doubles in every area. A multiplication of blessings at all sides.

At first, I thought this word was for me alone, but no, It was for all those who read this post or any of our materials and tap into this. Are you going to hold God to his word in faith and expect the fulfilment?

My advice is this. Hold on to God’s word in faith mixed with actions. Blessings are not just wishful thinkings. We are to work with God to accomplish it. How? By obeying his word, by aligning with him for every step and decision, trusting him, and reminding him to fulfil his word to you.

Trust God.

2020, is our year of double winnings.

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