Christmas is a Pagan Celebration, So what?
Christmas celebration is a pagan practise, so what?
Christmas, birth of Jesus, Jesus is born, December 25
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Christmas is a Pagan Celebration, So what?

Christmas, I have heard all kinds of arguments about how Christmas is not a Christian practice, but I have come to the realisation that every day belongs to God and regardless of what practise was originally celebrated, it is important for us as Christians to cease each day for the Lord and remind people of God.

I am glad that people now look at Christmas and cannot shake out Jesus from the celebration. I would expect that even for other symbols and days, It would be great to carve an alter celebration to infuse Godly meanings into them. We are in the world but we are not of the world. I would like the rainbow to signify the mercy of God that he will not destroy the earth and not be the default thought to refer to LGBT. I would like that Christians use the Halloween period to remember the death of loved ones and become a symbol to remember the celebration of the dead to life on the resurrection day. So instead of putting scary decorations around the house, perhaps we begin to put images of dead loved ones and adorn them to remember that they will rise one day and we will be together in eternity.

I believe that we have the right to make the world whatever we want it to be and choose to celebrate events however we like. So instead of advising people not to celebrate Christmas, I would rather encourage them to centre the celebration around Christ. We may not know the exact day Jesus was born but at least this is a successful practice that encourages the knowledge of the great conception and birth of Jesus Christ to be the saviour of the world. For me, this is a great win and it should be encouraged.

Praise God!

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